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My name is Amber Flinn. Divorced mom of two teens, one on the spectrum, and lover of business. I left my 9-5 to focus on the last years of my kids being at home. Most days you can find me bouncing from behind my keyboard to the kitchen to feed the kids and refill my coffee mug.

I love business.

Mostly I love helping businesses succeed in their goals. I get a thrill from seeing your Pinterest stats take off. I have a great desire to help people with their business needs.


The Techy Side.

 20 years ago, I purchased my first home computer. I hadn’t a clue of what I was doing. Honestly I had to read how to turn it on. Fast forward a couple of years and I had taught myself how to code html, make basic websites, graphics, and read analytics, as well as lot of other useful skills.  I have been an active member of the Pinterest community for ten years and just love it both personally and professionally. Which is why I am here to help you with your business needs.


9+ years ago I was deeply immersed in teaching my kids at home and someone mentioned Pinterest to me. Having a innate curiosity about how it may make things easier for me I signed up. I soon discovered how I was able to save all the sites I wanted and neatly organize that information to save me time and help others find the same great sites I had. I was hooked. Spending nearly everyday learning and searching more and more content. 

The past couple of  years 2020-21, nothing else needs to be said we're in this together.

I decided it was time.

I decided I wanted to help people just like you.

Pinterest is how I would like to help you grow your online Presence.

Working diligently with you to reach your goals 2021-2022!

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