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Working diligently with you to reach your Pinterest account goals 2024-2025!


My name is Amber, a former stay-at-home mom who decided the rat race wasn't for me after suffering an injury. I also have two young adult children who needed me more after my divorce. As a former homeschooling mother I knew how to research super well. I also knew I loved Pinterest. I have been a Pinterester since it's inception!


Most days now you can find me bouncing from behind my keyboard to the kitchen to feed the "kids" and refill my coffee mug.

I love business and blogging.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in the creative side of businesses. Over the years I have blogged in various capacities and continued my Pinterest education so that I can better help you grow.


I love helping you succeed with your business and blogging goals. I get a thrill from seeing your Pinterest stats take off. 


The Techy Side.

 20+ years ago, I purchased my first home computer. I hadn’t a clue of what I was doing. Honestly I had to read the instructions to know how to turn it on. Fast forward a couple of years (cough okay more than a few) and I had taught myself how to code html, make basic websites, graphics, SEO, and read analytics, as well as lot of other useful skills.

I continue to better my knowledge to help my clients in respect to the technological changes we are seeing. Although I do use Chat Gpt to help gather ideas all keyword research and descriptions are worded by a real human.


12+ years ago I was deeply immersed in teaching my kids at home and someone mentioned Pinterest to me. Having a innate curiosity about how it may make things easier for me I signed up. I soon discovered how I was able to save all the sites I wanted and neatly organize that information to save me time and help others find the same great sites I had. I was hooked. Spending nearly everyday learning and searching more and more content. 


I decided it was time.

I decided I wanted to help people just like you.


Pinterest Management,

The past couple of  years I have been working with small blogs to full scale businesses to increase their presence on Pinterest. Everything from bloggers to Fashion labels.


Pinterest management is my bread and butter and I work diligently to make sure your company has a consistent Pinterest presence that follows the best practices for Pinterest.



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