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Let's face it, getting your business noticed these days is half the struggle. I am here to help. Through a engaging, daily active, growing Pinterest account. Your Pinterest account, if you don't have one I will set one up. We will collaborate through email to ascertain your growth desires. 

Fresh Ideas For Your Small Business Needs from Charming Pen Pinterest Management.

Implementing Fresh Marketing Ideas

Pinterest is a visual search engine that is continually coming up with more ideas to help business succeed. As a small business owner you are already bogged down with the day to day. Which is why having a Pinterest Manager who can utilize those fresh new ideas to gain a better marketing strategy for you is so important. Only 28% of marketers are using Pinterest in 2020 leaving a very large portion of the pie for new content creation.

Pinterest Audience Loves to Buy! 80% of

Don't let fear hold back your business potential.

Often, myself included we find ourselves questioning if it's possible to grow and experience the success that others have found for themselves. I can tell you it is. People out there want to feel connections. More so than ever before we want to belong to a larger community. That's where Pinterest is great at making people come together sharing ideas that they feel are important to them.

 I want Pinterest viewers to care about your business as much as you do. I want to make your business account the biggest success so that you get to live that dream we all have. 

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