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10 Reasons Why Outsourcing for Your Small Business is Key.

10 Reasons Small Businesses Like Yours Will Profit With Outsourcing.

There are whole lot of reasons that you may not have considered when it comes to assigning work to an outside source.

1. By hiring a social media manager you will reap the benefits of the latest niche technology and apps without having to pay for them directly. You see most reliable social media managers have a whole repetoire of apps and tech behind them to get your business to where it needs to be.

2. Hiring a specialized manager will also save you time and money on training for yourself or staff to get up to speed with the various platforms.

3. A lot of social media managers offer test project. This means instead of taking the risk of signing a dedicated social media manager for a long term and discovering their work may not be up to expectations you can try before you commit. If you like the work they have done for you then by all means sign them for the long haul.

4. Most outsourced social media managers truly do care. Not only because it's in their best interests but because they care about their clients. They want to see you succeed.

5. Recruiting and screening take valuable time and resources away from the day to day of running your business. Hiring a social media manager to work in the background for your business and will free up time significantly so you can get back to the main focus of the business.

6. Saving marketing time and research. Often social media managers audit what sites you are already performing on and will also do research for your niche. They then return with marketing suggestions. This input can be very useful when trying to break into a market or increase your target audience reach.

7. Focus and energy. Social media managers work the social scene so you can spend valuable time and energy on your customers and product development. Ultimately the ground work that the social media platforms provides will be done by someone else thus eliminating a huge time drain.

8. Social media managers often couple in other services that may increase their overall value. For example at Charming Pen I also offer blog and copywriting, keyword and hashtag research, design, and SEO for your site and posts.

9. Social Media is real time. That translates into daily monitoring, input, posting, etc. If you take all that time away from doing what you do best for your business you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin and neglecting your core business goals.

10. Your social media manager will also take the time to audit their own work to see what is and what isn't working for your audience. A good manager will adjust their marketing strategy to get the results so you see ROI.

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