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How to Create Strong Idea Pin.

It's not long ago that story pins were renamed idea pins, and it's clear from the audience reach they are getting that Pinterest wants creators to make more. It's part of their overall strategy to have more native content on Pinterest itself. Why? Because Pinterest knows that users will stay on the platform longer if they have a reason to. What better reason than to watch video's and slide shows that don't link anywhere.

That's the biggest complaint that business creators face. Pinterest doesn't link these idea pins to anything. In fact, they really are just a draw for attention on your overall page. So what does that mean? It means creating a visual idea pin that tells the viewer something useful is going to be better than churning out a bunch of ad like pins that tell them nothing. The idea pin "story" will entice the viewer to hopefully explore your profile more or even follow you.

With that in mind though it is likely that Pinterest will allow idea pins to become promoted later this year. So again what does that mean? It means not only does an idea pin need to tell the viewer something valuable, it needs to also promote what you are doing or selling.

That sounds complicated, right? I mean, how do you make a visual story out of a product, say? Look at the product:

  1. What does it do?

  2. What can it offer in terms of value?

  3. What can it offer in terms of satisfaction?

  4. Where can it be used?

  5. Who uses it?

These questions can have an impact on the viewer if they are answered in short, clear words. Adding fresh images to each slide or screenshot also makes for a good idea pin.

Think back to being in school. The simplest answer is usually the best answer. Don't make it overly complicated.






They still stand as the best questions to answer with your idea pins.

Idea pins are pretty limited in terms of creativity when you make them directly on the Pinterest platform. You can only use their limited fonts, colors, and simple slide show effect to create a basic idea pin. And although these pins are great, they aren't overly catchy as they aren't anything more than yet another form of carousel pin. So how can you up your game to have an idea pin that stands out from the rest?

Make your idea pin as a video in Canva (or similar program) as there is a lot more creative room to animate, add sounds, and add video. Remember, though, that these can't be more than 60 seconds in length.

Of note, Canva users can simply use IG reels as idea pins. In fact, they are great to repurpose on both platforms as they are the exact same size.

If you do choose to upload a Canva creation, make sure to take the time to choose the cover image. Once the idea pin is uploaded and goes to the text information page, there is a button on the bottom of the image allowing you to pick the cover image. Don't panic. It may take a bit of time if it's a video to get the Pinterest button to pick the right frame, but keep at it as it will eventually find the one you want.

Once an idea pin is uploaded, you can't change the image at all.

So there you have it from a legit Pinterest Manager how to create an idea pin that converts into click throughs and followers. I would love to hear what you have been doing in your idea pins that has been successful!

*If you need assistance with idea pin creation or have questions please reach out I am happy to assist!

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