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How To Have An Explosion in Social Media Views.

What makes a post special? How do you get noticed?

There are a few things that define a perfect post to create that firestorm known as going viral. Whether you can make that exact balance is really part fluke and part careful planning.

Obviously a fluke by it's definition can't be replicated but executing a plan in your posting can.

Having relevant content to a targeted audience that offers entertainment and value. Today people scroll through their social media feeds spending less than a couple seconds viewing. So what will catch their attention in those fleeting few seconds?

Images, having colorful bright well designed images or better still video. Movement has been shown to snag more attention than still images. Making sure your images match your content. Don't just post someone mooning the camera in the hopes of getting more views.

Cross posting, unless you are solely on one channel chances are your small business or blog has a presence on many platforms. Using that content on all the platforms shows consistency and increases the chance of it being seen. In order to do that you can link most of your accounts via settings on most platforms.

Content, the content of what you are posting really is the cornerstone of whether a post will be viewed multiple times. How many times have you gone to view something only to feel like the content held no real value.

Originality, if your just regurgitating another post or someone else's content it's been seen. There is a saying that if you can think of it chances are someone else has done it. Which is why it is paramount to create fresh content and offer new ideas.

Personal, share with your audience something truly personal so they can connect with you as a person and not just another voice online. For ex: As I sit here writing this post for you my audience I have had way too much coffee. Now that being said it has nothing to do with the content of this article and therefore will undoubtedly not make this go viral. However it does show that I clearly like coffee, and that I like you need a good cuppa joe to to keep going through my day. Which equals a connection.

Audience, get to know yours and engage with them. Where do they like to hang out the most? What are they needing from you? Are you providing them anything that will make want to come back? Are you answering questions for them?

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