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Six Genius Logo Design Tips.

Create stunning, memorable logos

Starting a new business is stressful enough having to come up with a catchy, beautiful logo that will represent your company ideas can be daunting to say the least.

Your logo speaks visually for the company’s name and for the brand it represents. The logo you chose for your brand needs to speak to the viewer and be impactful. If done right it will be visually able to stand alone and still be enough to tell the viewer what company/business it is representing.

Here I have tried to break it down so that you don’t caught up on the design elements. You want to get your company launched not be stuck in limbo over a simple design issue.

1. Understand your brands intentions. List everything that makes your brand unique and why your customers will benefit from your product/service.

2. Now you need to focus on grabbing the viewers' attention. Logos must make a strong first impression to instill the image in the mind of your audience. 

3. Gather design inspiration. All images that you can think of or words associated with your brand should be brainstormed. No idea should be set aside just yet. 

4. Look at the competition. What have other brands similar to yours done for their logo design. Do you feel it is effective or not? If it is effective why is it? 

5. Believe it or not psychology plays a role in logo creation.

Colors can convey powerful emotional connection without the viewer even being aware that it has an effect on them. 

While thinking of color also think of fonts. Easier to read fonts are generally better than using decorative fonts simply because a wider audience can read them.

Shape is another design element that will greatly impact the effectiveness of your logo. Whether you have a shape in mind or not. Remember that shapes also can convey emotional responses in people. Insert table of shapes and emotions

6. Lastly let’s not forget to incorporate the meaning behind the logo. Having a fish for a logo belonging to a shoe company doesn’t make sense unless you are selling hip waders. If your logo doesn’t make sense it's not going to resonate with the viewer. If you have an inside joke that the audience isn’t aware of, they won’t make the same connections and it will fall flat. 

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