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5 Amazing Pinterest Tips to Up Your Website Traffic.

You know Pinterest is where you need to be, but you aren't sure what you should be doing to get that organic traffic flowing. I am sharing 5 insider Pinterest tips to increase your website traffic organically.

Why should you follow these tips? I use these tips as part of my overall management for business/blog accounts and they really work! You will see improvement in a short period of time if you follow each step closely. No time to follow these steps? Feel free to reach out and discuss my management packages.

Get ready to see some real traffic to your site with these 5 handy Pinterest tips.

Tip #1 - SEO Your Files.

If you want to get more views, then mastering SEO is a must.

When you start digging into SEO, it can be overwhelming, which is why I am sharing some simple tips that will help you get your Pinterest account metrics soaring.

-This first one is a big one that people often overlook. Naming the files That's right, don't just make the pin and upload it with no title. Those titles help the Pinterest algorithm find your pins and file them accordingly.

So how long should they be? Say you've made a pin for your blog post about fixing car engines from the ground up. Something really simple, like car engines, is fine, but digging deeper and adding car engine repair or car engine building is better.

Tip #2 - SEO The Heck Out of Your Bio.

When optimizing your Pinterest business account, don't forget that BIO. It's one of the first things people will read when stopping by your page.

Moreover, it's SEO gold! If you aren't making sure to add as many keywords related to your business as possible in there while still being readable, you're missing out. missing out on potential target audience members.

Whenever the algorithm is asked to search for something, the bio is a part of that. So if you are selling a product like light fixtures but that isn't in your bio somehow, you are missing a big portion of who you want to have find your page.

Be careful though not to keyword stuff...make your bio full readable sentences

Tip #3 - Use a Scheduling Tool (I use Tailwind)

It's true that some managers find that directly scheduling on Pinterest has a better effect for them. However, if you have a larger volume of pins and you want to speed the whole process up, Tailwind is the best approved scheduling tool.