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What Pinterests' Diversification Means for Your Business.

Now more than ever your small business needs to join in on the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest has a always been at the forefront of visual search engines for finding inspiration. Whether a small craft project or big reno was on your mind. But now they have diversified. Not only can you claim your website to pin from and the add SEO to be found in the top rankings they now have storefronts. With an entirely new range of perks to get your business seen by the customer in truly unique ways.

Why use Pinterest Shops
Shopping on Pinterest

With the more and more users each month, 400+ million Pinterest is growing. 70% of click throughs from Pinterest translate into sales. If you are already selling via a storefront or website connecting to Pinterest will guarantee more traffic and sales are directed to you.

What sets Pinterest apart from other social media is that they are looking for new diversified ways to make it a marketing tool as well as a personal search engine. This means great things for smaller business wishing to reach a large market.

Women repinning on Pinterest
Pinterest Repin Statistics

90% of pins are repins. All those repins mean a wider audience seeing your product/brand.

So What?

There is so much potential for Pinterest business users to grow and be seen that it makes good marketing sense to get started.

Outsource success
Outsource Your Social Media Management

But I don't have the skills needed. That's where a knowledgeable social media specifically a Pinterest manager comes into play. Don't take time away from running your daily business to get swamped with all the learning and changes that are out there outsource your workload.

Join in next time as we discuss how outsourcing will benefit your small business.

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