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Why Archive a Pinterest Board vs. Why Make a Pinterest Board Secret.

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

There have been numerous changes in the past year with how Pinterest handles different features. It's been a bit confusing, to say the least staying up to date with how everything works. This is why I am sharing with you the difference between an archived board vs a secret board.

There is the first question will I lose my archived files? I mean that's what it sounded like to me archive was one step removed from deleting your material. So I can still see it so what?

The truth is even better. Once a board has been archived it's essentially a book nestled on the shelf to be read but never added to.

Oh...does that mean once I put one of my favorite boards aside in an archive I will never be able to 'write' in it again? Nope! You can remove a board from your archive at any point.

So what's the big deal. Well, I have been on Pinterest for a long time and have numerous boards. The question I was starting to ask myself was do I want to utterly delete boards that I have outgrown? The answer was a resounding no! I didn't want to lose boards I just wanted them filed away.

Pinterest has and always will be a great file-sharing site. I started using it when I was homeschooling my two kids. I learned it was a visual way to bookmark everything. The expression pin all the things were made about Pinterester's like me. Soon I was drowning in boards.

So now I can archive and they slide neatly to the bottom shelf if you will of my page. I no longer have to scroll past them to find my active boards. It makes my profile page a whole lot neater for me to look at.

This brings me to the second part of this story. Secret boards. Why? For some, they are just wanting to hide from others what they are looking at. For myself, I have my business account and personal account linked because it makes my life easier. I made all my personal boards private.

A private or rather secret board is no longer viewable by others who happen upon your page. However and herein lies the big difference you can still PIN to them! That's huge. I can keep pinning my little heart out without making my page a minefield for potential business followers.

The whole thing makes my profile look neater to the public and easier for me. So there you have the big differences between boards. So if you've accidentally archived a board don't panic you can have it back at the click of a button and begin the beautiful pinning experience again.

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