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Why Video Pins?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Simply put, video pins catch the viewers each because we are hard-wired for movement. It’s in the first few seconds of viewing that we will capture the attention of viewers. Marketing needs to be catchy and video pins do just that.

With text overlay on your marketing video pins, it’s even more provocative to the eye.

Keeping the video itself short is also important, as most viewers on Pinterest won’t spend over 10 secs watching a clip.

Remove audio as most Pinterester's looking at video pins do so without the sound on.

SEO. SEO. SEO. I once had someone ask me if SEO was important on Pinterest. You bet it is. In order for a search engine to understand your video pins, you need top-notch SEO.

Keep those video pins vertical if you hope to catch the mobile users’ attention. Most people are scrolling on their phones, and vertical pins stand out so much better.

Remember, any video pin you create can later become a promoted ad on Pinterest for even more marketing traction.

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