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Pinterest Services Basic Package

Providing Everything You Need to Create a Presence on Pinterest


Tidy Desk

Creation of Account

If you don't have a Pinterest Business account set up yet I will get that started for you.

If you have an inactive account we will optimize that account and get it running smoothly.

Creation of Boards

To get your page running smooth and to allow for your page to grow successfully this package includes.

5 New boards for accounts that are inactive/month

Up to 10 new boards for accounts that are entirely new/month

Existing boards will continue to be used or archived as necessary. 

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Pin Creation

The basic package allows for 2-3 fresh pins to be made and manually scheduled right on Pinterest. 

No use of Tailwind is necessary or included. 

Note: If you have Tailwind already set up I can schedule there if preferred. 

Q. I would like more pins than just two or three per day is that possible? 

A. Yes, please see the next sized package up as it may better fit your business/blog needs.


Q. Why have I heard that scheduling in Tailwind is better?

A. Tailwind is a separate pay for app that allows businesses to create a custom pin schedule. They pick the optimum time slots to be pinning vs. Pinterest which only allows for pinning on the half hour currently. 

  Tailwind also has other features that may benefit your account. 


Q. I have heard that you need to pin like 30 pins per day! But this package only offers 2-3.

A. 30 is the maximum recommended amount of pins per day. It doesn't take into account whether those are fresh pins, repins, or other peoples content. 2-3 fresh pins per day has been proven to work. It's also great if you are a newer blogger who maybe doesn't have a whole lot of content to pin.

Have more questions be sure to see the F.A.Q page for more complete Pinterest answers.



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