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Pinterest Services: The Works 

Providing Everything Your Business Needs To Succeed

$1000USD /Month

Image by Daniel Fazio

Optimize Your Existing Account

I am going to go over your account completely and make sure it is running smoothly.

This will include board descriptions that are fitting and full of keywords.

A smart bio that reads well.

Claiming your account if needed.

Adding the catalogue if needed.

Board Creation

Your boards will be used or archived on an as needed basis. 

New boards will be created as needed.

Boards will be carefully curated for relevant content.

Pin Creation

Your pins will be made using your color palette if you have one. *See more in F.A.Q section

They are designed for you in Canva Pro with either your own images, stock images from within Canva or from Unsplash. 

Pin Scheduling

Your pins are uploaded daily through Tailwind and contain a number of fresh pins. 

I use the 'waterfall' method of pinning only for accounts with over 200 urls. Otherwise it's always fresh pins with proper keyword descriptions. 

Hydrangea Flowers
Tablet & Coffee

Idea Pins

Idea pins for this package are 1-2 per week ONLY if you would like them. 

More can be found on Idea Pins under the F.A.Q section.

Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards will be joined and used only if, they are viable, they aren't spammed, they are useful.

I monitor group boards for success and don't add more than necessary for organic growth.


Tailwind is a time saving scheduling app that allows for faster and more concise pinning methods. 

Further it allows the user to join in it's communities that are relevant and that allows for your pins to be shared more frequently.

You've read about them. Or heard about them and you're wondering what they can do for your business.

Pinterest has a great ads program as it will allow your ad pins to be repinned by others and never disappear. No other platform has a feature like that just yet. Which translates into longer lasting returns on your ad investment. 

The ad investment can be anywhere from $100- the skys the limit based on your business budget. 

The main point to remember is it takes nearly a week for Pinterest to understand your ad. It's putting out there but after a week it will actually send recommendations back to you for tweaking the ad run. This means that a small budget is going to run out of financial steam before it get's much in return. 

Which is why I always recommend newer and smaller businesses should try to gain organic growth first. 

Still interested in ads on Pinterest let's chat!

Pinterest Ads

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