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Full Pinterest Management

Full Pinterest Management

Research Niche

In order to make sure you are getting proper market share I will research your niche. Using this information will to create pin designs and descriptions that target the right viewers for your business. It's important to get your pins liked by those who are most interested in your product area.

Keyword and Hashtag Research

In order to have your pins found use of proper keywords and hashtags in your copy is important. I will research which ones are best suited to the products, services you offer.

Setup Account or Audit

If you do not already have an account we will set one up. If you have a personal account and wish to switch to a business account we can audit your account and discuss what would be needed or if it would be easier to start a new account. Account set up will include all the features of board creation, pin design, boards to follow, etc that is included in our account set up package.

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