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How to Find Group Pinterest Boards.

Updated: May 24, 2022

Group boards are great although there is some debate as to their effectiveness most Pinterest managers will tell you, myself included, they are still a powerful way to get noticed.

Pinterest is all about community. In the old days of Pinterest, group boards were called communities for a reason. People of like mind could come together and share their pins. Now there are so many boards to choose from in almost every imaginable niche. There are even boards to join just to gain followers.

The question you may think. Ya, but how do you find a group board that still allows people to join?

Here’s the trick. Enter in the search bar what the board you are looking for will be. IE: Crafting.

Then you see the little pull-down menu next to the search bar? Pull it down and click on boards. Once you’ve entered, you will get the results. Any boards that come up with a little circle in the lower left are group boards. Wow. That seems simple. While it may be simple to locate boards, it can be a little more challenging to find open boards to join.

EDITTED: 2022-05-24 Pingroupie used to be a free tool. It's now a pay for tool if you want to search for group boards you will have to pay.

Enter PinGroupie. com This site has been around for a while. It looks incredibly basic because it is. Just enter again in the search bar your keywords and see underneath that search bar those boxes. Specify for join boards to come up in your niche. While Pin Groupie is great at pulling the boards up, you may find that there aren’t that many if you have an unpopular niche name.

Don’t despair. If there are currently no group boards broaden your keyword search. Brainstorm a list of all the names that could represent your niche. It may surprise you at just how many ideas can be located.

Still having no luck? Create a group board of your own. In our next article, we will discuss how to create one.


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