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Lockdown on Learning: Free Courses

Whether you are just bored or want to see some new skills added to the old resume for future job hunting, it never hurts to learn. Continual learning is the way of the future and free learning is coming to you now with all the bells and whistles of College courses.

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Still tops in our books the MOOC, with over 277 social media marketing courses. Watch out for the ones that are part of the Plus package as they cost but there is still a lot of great free content to be had on social media marketing courses and other related courses.

Little known fact is Google offers an entirely free course line up on Google Analytics Academy. From Beginners to Power Users. A great thing about Google is they are looking toward the future and have also integrated a couple of programs with Coursera for IT learning, although they aren't currently free they do offer real life job skill learning.

eMarketing Institute has a significant lineup of online free courses from affiliate marketing to