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Making Pinterest Group Boards Easy.

Updated: May 24, 2022

Ever wonder how a group board comes into being?

It seems like something that is just too complicated to figure out. Really, creating a group board either for just you and a few friends or open to join to the world is pretty easy.

📂 Select the board you wish to publicize and click on it so it opens.

📂 There will be a small plus sign beside your profile image under the title. Click on it.

📂 This will make a small window pop up. In the window you will see the title invite collaborators. You can chose people to invite here or if you just want to make a public group board click the small arrow in the upper right corner.

📂 Once you click that small arrow, it moves to a page where you can choose how the board will work with permissions. As well you can now chose either to let members invite and/or make public.

It’s a simple process that can lead to higher viewers in your niche. Recommended if you are having a hard time finding boards to join. Make sure though you aren’t making a personal board that you don’t want meddled with a group board. Once people are members, they will add or change the content of the board based on the settings you chose.


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